Park Hae Soo, Soo Hyun and Lee Hee Jun Work Intensely Together to Find the Truth in ‘Chimera’

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Broadcast media OCN's forthcoming Saturday and Sunday drama 'Chimera' starring Park Hae Soo, Soo Hyun and Lee Hee Jun released a two-minute highlight video on October 15.

The two-minute highlight captured the potential viewers' attention with the intense struggle and sweat-inducing scenes of the drama.

Park Hae Soo, Soo Hyun and Lee Hee Jun Display Intense Action Skills in 'Chimera'

"Chimera" marks the reunion of labelmates Park Hae Soo and Lee Hee Jun, under BH Entertainment, home to award-winning actors Kim Go Eun, Park Bo Young, Park Ji Hoo, Han Hyo Joo and Park Sung Hoon.

OCN's newest action thriller drama "Chimera" follows the story of the homicide detective Jae Hwan (Park Hae Soo), criminal profiler Yoo Jun (Soo Hyun) and surgeon Jung Yeop (Lee Hee Jun) who worked together after 35 years for different purposes.

Park Hae Soo New Drama 'Chimaira'
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It is a serial explosion-tracking thriller drama which main goal is to catch the culprit of the murder case "Chimera".

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The newly released highlight video begins with a terrifying fire that seemed to engulf everything. It draws the attention of the potential viewers with numerous explosions and the harrowing reality of the "Chimera" incident that took place again after 35 years.

Jae Hwan (Park Hae Soo), who is struggling to find the culprit and Yoo Jun (Soo Hyun), who tries to find a link to the serial murder work hand-in-hand together to catch Jung Yeop (Lee Hee Hun), the surgeon who was pointed out as a potential suspect.

In particular, Park Hae Soo, who is playing the role of Jae Hwan, narrates the story meaningfully, saying, "Why do the murderer's eyes make my heart beat so fast?"

Lee Hee Jun's, playing the role of Jung Yeop, shot at the chest creates tension and anticipation.

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In addition to that, the relationship between the characters stimulates curiosity, at the same time, the viewers' expectations on the truth about the culprit is amplified.

K-Drama 'Chimera' Release Date and Further Details

The forthcoming thriller drama "Chimera" is helmed together by director Kim Do Hoon and scriptwriter Lee Jin Mae.

"Chimera" is OCN's newest Saturday and Sunday drama that will occupy the 10:30 p.m. KST time slot after "Dark Hole".

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On the other hand, the thriller action drama will air for the first time on Saturday, October 3 at 10:30 p.m. OCN.

What are you most thrilled to see in Park Hae Soo's new drama "Chimera"? Share it with us in the comments below!

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