Netflix ‘My Name’ Season 2: Will Han So Hee’s New Drama Possibly Return for a Sequel?

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(Photo : Netflix Korea Official Instagram)
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

Han So Hee once again proved her versatility and growth as an actress in Netflix's "My Name" together with Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon. 

From making the whole Kdrama fandom furious for her character Seo Da Kyung in "The World of the Married" to having a complicated relationship in "Nevertheless," now the rising star has embarked on a challenging role. 

The 26-year-old beauty impressed the audience with her acting and not to mention combat skills as she plays the role of Yoon Ji Woo in "My Name."

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)

The new Netflix series is an action-packed revenge Kdrama that focuses on Ji Woo's vengeance against the culprit who brutally killed her father. 

To find the truth about his death, she attempts to seek revenge by joining one of South Korea's largest drug syndicates, led by Choi Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon).

My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Interestingly, Ji Woo was told by the criminal gang boss that the police authorities were the ones who killed her father. To continue with her mission, she had to infiltrate the police and live under a new name. 

Here, she meets Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun), a police detective in the Drug Investigation Unit, who later becomes Yoon Ji Woo's field partner. 

My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official Instagram)

However, as her mission continued, she was taken aback by the new revelation involving the death of her father and the people around her. 

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Is Netflix's 'My Name' Season 2 Possible? 

My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Released on October 15, the eight-episode K-series is slowly making waves on social media due to the intriguing storyline and impressive lineup of the cast. 

With only a day since the premiere, "My Name" has received a positive response from the viewers, lauding Han So Hee in her never before seen role. 

It is safe to say that the new revenge Kdrama deserves a sequel; unfortunately, there is no update regarding "My Name" season 2. 

Although some series had often expressed their hope for a second season even before the show was released, PD and producers of Han So Hee's new Kdrama were tight-lipped on whether they are planning to release a sequel. 

Prior to the drama's debut, director Kim Jin Min has not touched upon the possibility of releasing a new installment. 

What to Look Forward to in 'My Name' Season 2?

My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

If given the green light, fans expect another round of jaw-dropping fight scenes that would keep them at the edge of their seats. 

Moreover, it is most likely that "My Name" season 2 will start production in 2022 and will be made available on Netflix late next year or in 2023. 

To recall, after confirming the cast lineup, the production team started filming in March and wrapping up the shooting in July. 

It means that it only took the team only four months to shoot the entire eight-episode series. 

While fans are keeping our fingers crossed for the possibility of having Han So Hee's Kdrama a sequel, "My Name" is available exclusively on Netflix

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