‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Trailer Hints at 2PM's Junho’s Against All Odds Romance with Lee Se Young

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MBC gives off another enticing "The Red Sleeve Cuff" trailer, featuring its gorgeous leads 2PM's Junho and Lee Se Young. 

The historical Kdrama is based on the famous novel of the same name written by Kang Mi Kang. It focuses on the complicated romance between the court lady named Sung Deok Im, played by the "Kairos" star, and the soon-to-be emperor, Crown Prince Yi San, portrayed by the singer-actor.

'The Red Sleeve Cuff' Trailer

In the latest teaser, Lee Junho's role suggests his deep affection towards the palace's court lady.

"The Red Sleeve Cuff" trailer began with Sung Deok Im, who looks stunning in her pink hanbok, seen fulfilling her responsibilities inside the palace, such as picking up fresh flowers.

It was accompanied by Prince Yi San's voiceover hinting that he is unbothered by their extremely different status.

"You are just one of the maids in the palace and that was not a big deal for me," he said.

The scene was cut to the court lady who just finished writing down notes but accidentally bumps into the crown prince.

"...but now, I'm not sure," said in a voiceover as he looked and smiled into Deok Im's writing, followed by another voiceover that says, "You make me feel fluttering. This is a difficult situation," as the duo flashed their big, bright smiles at each other.

The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : Viki)
The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : Viki)

Over the comments section, fans expressed their excitement for the fresh team-up of Junho and Lee Se Young in the upcoming historical romance drama.

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'The Red Sleeve Cuff' Release Date and Cast

The Red Sleeve Cuff
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The Red Sleeve Cuff poster, 2PM Junho and Lee Se Young

Helmed by the "Victory For Tomorrow" and "Radiant Office" director Jung Ji In and penned by Jung Hae Ri, who also wrote the 2017 series "The Emperor: Owner of the Mask," the upcoming K-drama is set to steal the hearts of viewers with its visually stunning and remarkable storyline.

With this, fans need not worry as "The Red Sleeve Cuff" release date is slated on November 5, airing every Friday and Saturday on MBC and Viki.

As mentioned, Lee Se Young took on the role of the palace's court lady who harbors a free-spirited and determined attitude.

She crosses paths with the soon-to-be King, Prince Yi San, who falls head over heels, Sung Deok Im.

Due to his undying love for the court lady, he attempts to persuade her to be his official concubine, but she is eager to make her own decisions in life instead of being among the King's many women.

The conflict will surely ignite the curiosity of the viewers regarding the royal's priority. Will the crown prince put his love first over the nation, or is he willing to let go of his feelings towards the court lady.

Lee Se Young Shares Thoughts on Her Character in 'The Red Sleeve Cuff'

The Red Sleeve Cuff
(Photo : MBC Instagram)
Lee Se Young / The Red Sleeve Cuff

In an interview obtained by a media outlet, the 28-year-old South Korean beauty revealed what made her say yes to the offer.

She mentioned that the script is one of the biggest reasons why she accepted the role, adding that it was "very interesting and touching."

"After I decided to star [in the drama], I read the original novel, and it was also moving and very impressive," said the actress.

As for her new character, Lee Se Young shared that she and Sung Deok Im have similar personalities.

"My synchronization rate with Seong Deok Im is around 70 percent. We're both simple, but compared to her, I seem to have a lot more. So I feel really sorry for her," the actress added.

Interestingly, her team up with 2PM Junho made her excited and said that she was "happy" and "grateful" working alongside the singer-actor.

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