2PM’s Junho and Lee Se Young Embrace the Ups and Downs of Their Romance Journey in New ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Teaser

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The Red Sleeve Cuff Teaser
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Upcoming MBC drama "The Red Sleeve Cuff" dropped a new teaser showing 2PM's Junho and Lee Se Young's complicated romance journey.

'The Red Sleeve Cuff' Fifth Teaser

The perplexing love story between Crown Prince Yi San (2PM Junho) and court lady Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young) in "The Red Sleeve Cuff" began to emerge.

As the countdown began for its scheduled premiere night, MBC continues to excite many as they release new teasers every week containing spoilers for the new drama coming this November.

2PM Junho and Lee Se Young - The Red Sleeve Cuff Still
(Photo : News1 | MBC)
2PM Junho and Lee Se Young - The Red Sleeve Cuff Still

On October 21, the fifth teaser was released, and it starts by showing a glimpse of Yi San and Seong Deok Im enjoying their different lives inside the palace.

In the next clip, Yi San is seen getting dressed for an important event in the palace. He said, "The heaven's order has finally come to me, influencing me, to become the savior of this country in the future." Throughout his life, Yi San already knew that he would become the next King.

Meanwhile, the lovely court lady Seong Deok Im expresses, "There's only little things that I Can do here (palace). I want to live with freedom where I have the power to make a choice even at the smallest decision in life."

Even though there will be lots of challenges for Yi San and Deok Im inside and outside the palace, no one can stop them from loving each other.

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Love Story of a Crown Prince and a Court Lady

Crown Prince Yi San and court lady Seong Deok Im are expected to be at the center of the royal romance fever this November. The two individuals are likely to have great chemistry as they encounter mountains of virtues.

2PM Junho and Lee Se Young - The Red Sleeve Cuff Still (2)
(Photo : News1 | MBC)
2PM Junho and Lee Se Young - The Red Sleeve Cuff Still (2)

As the two will spend most of their days inside the palace, a romance will start to bloom. Their affection towards each other begins to grow. In the short clip, one of the scenes that captivated the viewers the most was when Yi San looked sincerely at Deok Im's eyes. The simple interaction between the two main casts already hypes the public to watch "The Red Sleeve Cuff" on November 5.

Yi San and Deok Im display the ups and downs of their romance journey. A complicated yet wonderful love story that is set to dominate the Friday-Saturday primetime.

In the fifth teaser, another cast member was also introduced, namely Hong Deok Ro (Kang Hoon), Queen Kim (Jang Hee Jin), Chief Court Lady (Park Ji Young), and King Yeongjo (Lee Deok Hwa).

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What can you say about the sneak peek to 2PM's Junho and Lee Se Young's romance in MBC forthcoming drama "The Red Sleeve Cuff"? Let us know in the comments!

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