‘Bite Sisters’ Episode 1: Kang Han Na Transforms Into a Stylish Vampire, Tries To Fit in the Modern Era

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Following tvN's romance-fantasy drama "My Roommate is a Gumiho," Kang Han Na officially made her small screen comeback with "Bite Sisters"!

Read on to know what went down in its premiere!

'Bite Sisters' Episode 1: Vampire Sisters Save the Young Ladies

"Bite Sisters" premiered on October 19, and can be streated through Put Your Handsome YouTube channel. "

In "Bite Sisters" episode 1, the setting began in Gyeongeong era in 1921. Three teens were enjoying their walk when a civil guard suddenly appeared and threatened one of the girls to cut her hair with his sword.

When he was about to cut the teenager's hair, three gorgeous ladies Han Yi Na (Kang Han Na), Lee Ji Yeon (Choi Yu Hwa) and Kim Mi Sook (Kim Young Ah) made stopped the guard from what he was about to do.

These three are known as the vampire sisters who are already 800+ years of age. They own the "Bite Sisters" clothing line in the plaza, and are often clad in classy clothes that make them stand out.

Lee Ji Yeon and Kim Mi Sook took the young ladies out of danger while Han Yi Na stepped forward and bit the guard's neck as his punishment for attempting to harass the young girls.

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Back to the Modern Day: Han Yi Na Becomes Instant Social Media Celebrity

After they entered the "Bite Sisters" shop, Han Yi Na, Lee Ji Yeon, and Kim Mi Sook travelled to the modern era with their upgraded fashion boutique. Looking fashionable with her simple black top and above the knee skirt, Yi Na started her day by opening the shop.

While waiting for their customers, Han Yi Na sat down on the sofa and tried to piss off her older sister, Kim Mi Sook, who was enjoying sipping the blood from her cup. After having a small fight, Yi Na called Lee Ji Yeon but got no answers from her.

Lee Ji Yeon is younger than Han Yi Na. She owns a cosmetic company and lives independently like a normal human being. Ji Yeon is still cautious while at work to hide her identity as a vampire.

Bite Sisters Episode 1 Recap
(Photo : Put Your Handsome YouTube Channel)
Kdrama Bite Sisters

After work, she immediately went to Han Yi Na and dropped the food she ordered. During their conversation, Yi Na asked Ji Yeon if she could stay in her office because she was bored of staying inside the boutique - although the truth was that Han Yi Na wanted to communicate with humans.

Then, her sister, Ji Yeon, suggested she launches an SNS account.

Bite Sisters Episode 1 Recap
(Photo : Put Your Handsome YouTube Channel)
Kdrama Bite Sisters

Han Yi Na was hesitant at first, but out of her curiosity about how SNS works, the gorgeous vampire created an account and took a selfie as her first display photo.

The next morning, she was shocked to see one million followers. This made headlines online, making her an instant social media celebrity.

Will this be the start of her career as an influencer? Let's all find out in the upcoming "Bite Sisters" episode 2 on October 22 at 7:00 p.m. (KST)!

"Bite Sisters" airs every Tuesday and Friday at Put Your Handsome Official YouTube Channel.

You Can Watch 'Bite Sisters' Episode 1 Here!

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Have you seen "Bite Sisters" episode 1? What are your thoughts about the new drama? Let us know in the comments!

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