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After Dispatch shed light on Kim Seon Ho's controversy, reporter turned Youtuber Lee Jin Ho revealed another expose involving his ex-girlfriend.

It came after the South Korean media outlet released a timeline of the "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" star and former KBS reporter turned influencer Choi Young Ah's dating history.

Based on the evidence through text messages, Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend falsely accused the actor by character assassination, tainting his blossoming career.

Now, tables have turned for Choi Young Ah after the YouTuber exposed her relationship with her former husband, including their messy divorce.

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The Ex-Husband of Kim Seon Ho's Ex-Girlfriend Uncovers Shocking Revelations

Over Lee Jin Ho's Youtube channel titled "The shocking true nature of Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend...voice recording revealed," the 10-minute video contained a voice message of the former weather reporter's ex-husband, who once guested in a podcast.

Although he did not reveal his true identity as the ex-husband of Choi Young Ah, Lee Jin Ho figured out that it was the ex-husband through a series of investigations.

In the video, the alleged ex-husband revealed the reason behind the divorce, sharing that it ended up in a settlement given that the whole process was "quite long."

However, during the process, his then-wife "kept asking for money" and used it for her plastic surgery, prompting him to "go harsh" on her.

"There were a lot of things during the trial. In one trial, she came like a bum, looking pitiful. We were asked if there were any last words, and she said stuff like, 'I wanted to protect this marriage since marriage comes with the responsibility that is different from dating,'" he said.

Moreover, the guy also added that he moved out of the house but upon returning to get his stuff, he saw that CCTVs were installed all over the house.

"So I watched the whole surveillance. I haven't watched anymore since I found the evidence. It wasn't even a month, but within three months, she brought three men to the house. Three different men. And she would do it on the sofa," said the alleged ex-husband.

Interestingly, he described three men as "two young guys" who looked like a host from a bar, while one is an old man who seemed to be her "sponsor."

Amid the new and shocking update on the actor's issue, Kim Seon Ho's agency, Salt Entertainment, remained silent about Dispatch's revelation.

Media sources on October 26 shared the reaction of the management representative, stating that they have "nothing" to say on the matter.

"I have nothing to tell you. I'm sorry," said the representative from Salt Entertainment.

Fans Thanked Dispatch for Shedding Light on Kim Seon Ho's Issue

Following the massive revelation of Dispatch, fans expressed their gratitude towards the South Korean media outlet for enlightening the public regarding the issue.

#Dispatch immediately trends on Twitter as the report spreads like wildfire on the internet.

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