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October is filled with interesting and new Kdramas that would keep every viewer glued to their seats. 

Apart from this, the Hallyu world is stunned by one of the biggest issues this year involving a Korean heartthrob. 

With all the latest series and scandals left and right, here's a rundown of the newest Kdrama and controversy this week. 

Upcoming Kdramas from October 24 to October 30, 2021

'Crime Puzzle' [Release Date: October 29]

Crime Puzzle
(Photo : Olleh TV)
Crime Puzzle

A new psychological thriller Kdrama titled "Crime Puzzle," will be the latest series that will keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. 

Helmed by "Dinner Mate" director Go Jae Hyun and penned by screenwriter Choi Jong Gil, the upcoming show follows the extraordinary romance of ex-lovers. 

It came after a man was put behind bars after facing murder while the criminal profiler was the victim's daughter. 

As the story progresses, the duo witnessed unexpected circumstances that would make him put the pieces together. 

"Crime Puzzle" cast is led by Yoon Kye Sang and Go Ah Sung alongside Yoon Gyung Ho, Kwon Soo Hyun, Song Sun Mi and more.

Set to be released on October 29, the upcoming psychological thriller Kdrama will air every Friday on Olleh TV. 

'Chimera' [Release Date: October 30]

(Photo : OCN)
Park Hae Soo

Following the massive "Squid Game" craze, lead star Park Hae Soo will headline a new thriller mystery Kdrama "Chimera."

Directed by "Moon Embracing Sun" PD Kim Do Hoon and penned by "Ex-Girlfriend Club" screenwriter Lee Jin Mae, the upcoming series depicts a remarkable scene in 1984 called the Chimera incident. 

It is a series of violent crimes that occurred 35 years later, having the same activity. 

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Set in 2019, detective Cha Jae Hwan, played by the "Prison Playbook" star, is tasked to spearhead the investigation. 

Joining him is criminal profiler Yoo Jin, portrayed by Claudia Kim and surgeon Lee Joong Yub played by Lee Hee Joon. 

The trio is set to hunt down the culprit and uncover the mystery and secrets involving the said cases.

"Chimera" release date is scheduled on October 30 and will be the newest Saturday and Sunday Kdrama, airing on OCN. 

'Inspector Koo' [Release Date: October 30]

'Inspector Koo'
(Photo : JTBC)
Inspector Koo

OG Hallyu star Lee Young Ae is making a comeback to the small screen with her soon-to-be-released Kdrama "Inspector Koo."

It is a mix of thriller, mystery with a hint of comedy that would surely captivate the viewers. 

Lee Young Ae took on the role of an insurance investigator named Koo Kyung Yi, who is quite obsessive about solving cold cases with hopes of bringing justice to the world, whether it's by hook or by crook. 

Joining the "Inspector Koo" cast are Kwak Sun Young, "Kingdom" actress Kim Hye Joon and veteran star Kim Hae Sook. 

Lee Young Ae's new drama will broadcast on October 30, every Saturday and Sunday, on JTBC and Netflix. 

Issue of the Week: Kim Seon Ho's Controversy

Kim Seon Ho
(Photo : Salt Entertainment Official Instagram)
Kim Seon Ho

The Kdrama realm is stunned by the massive issue that involved the "Start-Up" star and his previous relationship. 

Kim Seon Ho's controversy, which started off in an online post, naming the star as "actor K," however, it instantly circulated on social media, identifying the person behind it as the rising star. 

After his apology and Salt Entertainment's stance regarding the scandal, a bombshell update was released, shedding light on the issue. 

It came after Dispatch revealed a series of text messages from Kim Seon Ho's ex-girlfriend that would question the validity of her initial claims against the actor. 

Based on the report, it appears that the former weather reporter turned influencer took advantage of Kim Seon Ho. 

The messages also contradicts her previous statement that the actor was the one who persuaded him to terminate the pregnancy. 

According to the text messages from their anonymous friends, the abortion was mutually decided.

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