Song Hye Kyo’s Outfit in ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ Immediately Sold Out

Song Hye Kyo
Now We Are Breaking Up
Now We Are Breaking Up Song Hye Kyo
Now We Are Breaking Up Fashion
(Photo : Song Hye Kyo's Instagram | Michaa Channel )

A-list actress Song Hye Kyo is known for her elegant and modest image. Her influence on the brands that she endorses really made a big impact. In fact, her previous wardrobe in "Now, We Are Breaking Up" got sold out!

Song Hye Kyo's Fashion Styling in 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' is a Hot Topic

Song Hye Kyo currently plays the role of Ha Young Eun, a fashion designer and team leader of the fashion company The One in SBS Friday-Saturday series "Now, We Are Breaking Up." There are mixed opinions regarding her acting, but her fashion style in the drama definitely catches the viewers' eyes.

Song Hye Kyo
(Photo : SBS' Official Instagram)

In "Now, We Are Breaking Up" episode 1, Song Hye Kyo made a debut as a fashion designer, apart from creating and producing her own design for the brand Sono, her character as a fashion enthusiast also exhibits sophisticated and stylish pieces that eventually became a hot topic among the viewers.

Song Hye Kyo’s Outfit in ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ Immediately Sold Out
(Photo : Michaa Channel Instagram)

She presented luxurious fashion styling in the play. In episode 3, the "Descendants of the Sun" actress wore a red-colored trench coat and red lipstick, showing an intense and fascinating appearance. Meanwhile in episode 4, Song Hye Kyo displayed her simple yet chic style by wearing a white long coat partnered with a black top long-sleeves.

Now We Are Breaking Up episode 4
(Photo : @nowwearebreakingup_official Instagram | SBS )

Song Hye Kyo is the New Sold Out Queen

In particular, multiple media reports stated that Song Hye Kyo's gray trench coat that she wore in episode 1 received attention from the public and attracted a lot of consumers and the first sale was immediately sold out of the market. It has been said that the brand is already on their second batch of reproduction.

Song Hye Kyo
(Photo : Michaa Channel Instagram)

Meanwhile, an official from the brand shared, "There are constant inquiries about the outfit products in the drama worn by Song Hye Kyo. Her sophisticated and luxurious style, suitable for the role of a fashion designer in the play, continues to sell."

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Song Hye Kyo Celebrated Her 40th Birthday

Amid her ongoing series, Song Hye Kyo celebrated her 40th birthday last November 22. With her years of experience in the industry, the actress continued to shine through various projects.

Song Hye Kyo
(Photo : SBS' Official Instagram)

Her new drama with Jang Ki Yong is consistent in achieving new high ratings every week. Aside from Song Hye Kyo's drama comeback, many were stunned by her visuals. The actress also occupies the trend list before and after "Now, We Are Breaking Up" episodes premieres.

Fans are now anticipating Song Hye Kyo's next fashion outfits in the drama.

"Now, We Are Breaking Up" airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m (KST) on SBS.

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