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Taecyeon Poses As A Country Boy, Sings For “Marriage Blue” OST

BY Chin D | Nov 21, 2013 11:45 AM EST


2PM's Taecyeon takes on a farmer boy image for the latest issue of "Vogue Girl".

Toning down his usual rough and beastly image on-stage, Taecyeon posed as a gentle farmer boy for the fashion magazine. Wearing warm sweaters and coats, he exuded a handsome country style, complete with a pet goat in one of the pictures.

The idol-actor is gaining attention for his movie debut in the film "Marriage Blue" as the gentle and pure Won Chul, a chef who has been engaged for seven years.

During the shoot, he admitted to putting some serious thought on the idea or marriage, as he has mentioned in several other interviews. He shared, "After working for We Got Married and Marriage Blues, I have learned a lot about marriage and have thought about it sincerely."

He added, "I think there are a lot of things to consider when getting married. As for the movie, it was fun to portray someone else's personality and life."

It was also revealed that the opening song for the movie "Marriage Blue" was composed by Taecyeon himself. A previous version has been released featuring the whole cast of the movie, but this version is solely sung by the idol-actor.

On singing the song, Taecyeon said, "It's an honor that the song I composed was used as an OST for my debut film. I'm glad that it's the first song the audience hears when they watch the movie. The phrase "I love you" that I kept hearing throughout the filming was my inspiration for this song."

"Marriage Blue" hit the theatres this November 21.

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