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Infnite's L Puts Dating Scandal Behind Him To Focus On Drama

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 24, 2014 10:19 AM EST


Before beginning work on his new drama "Cunning Single Lady," Infinite's L wanted to place his dating scandal squarely behind him.

The scandal involved his relationship with Kim Do Yeon, who was known as "the chocolate girl" because she once said she ate nothing but chocolate. The two dated for a few months and wanted to go public with their relationship. But his agency, eager to protect L and his girlfriend, requested they keep the relationship a secret. That strategy backfired when Infinite fans found out that the couple was dating. Some misguided fans harassed Kim Do Yeon online. But the situation became intolerable when Kim Do Yeon had rocks thrown at her and her car was scratched. Worried that things might escalate, she publicly confessed to their relationship. The couple has since broken up but made no statement as to the reason for their breakup.

At the press conference L mentioned the relationship as he vowed to do his best.

"With the new drama, I will create a happier and more cheerful image," he said. "Because the relationship scandal is a thing of the past, I believe that I just need to work hard to show myself in a better light. If you watch this new drama, you will definitely be able to see that I'm different from before."

He is also eager to be seen as an actor and not just as an idol singer who was cast for his popularity. In "Cunning Single Lady," the singer and actor will play Gil Yo Han, the secretary/chauffeur of Cha Jung Woo, played by Joo Sang Wook.

"I will be acting as the 23-year-old Kim Myung Soo, not Inifinite's L," he said.

In the drama, Cha Jung Woo became a successful businessman after he divorced his wife. When his wife, played by Lee Min Jung, realizes how successful he is, she tries everything she can to win him back. But he only has negative feelings for her and thinks more of revenge than love. The drama airs two episodes on Feb. 27.

L should not be too worried about being taken seriously as an actor. He is a passionate and hardworking rookie, who has been praised for his eagerness to learn on set. He did a fine job of playing the young So Ji Sub in the recent horror romcom "The Master's Sun." He was also convincing as the indie rocker turned idol in "Shut Up Flower Boy Band."

With his scandal behind him, "Cunning Single Lady" does provide him with another opportunity to show off his skills.

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