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Six Times You Might Wish You Were In A K-Drama

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 27, 2014 10:04 AM EST


There are plenty of times viewers wish they were in a k-drama-and most of them are romantic. That kiss. That look. That never-ending love. But aside from the romantic stuff, here are a few practical situations that might turn out better if you were in a k-drama.

1. You're broke. You're so poor that you have to work three jobs and still can't take care of your grandmother as is the case with Yang Jin Sung in "Bride of the Century." No matter how hard you work, some injustice will force you back into the gutter. But don't worry. Either you will discover that you are the illegitimate child of a CEO conglomerate or you will fall in love with the heir of a conglomerate. Or, as in Yang Jin Sun's case, someone will ask you to pretend marry that chaebol. All your troubles will be over.

And anyway, even though you are broke, poor k-drama characters inevitably have the latest phones and the most fashionable clothes.

2. You've just broken up with the most perfect guy in the world. No problem. If you are a main character in a k-drama you will inevitably be caught up in a love triangle and have another attractive guy to rely on. Should Kim Soo Hyun return to his star in "You Who Came From The Stars," Jun ji Hyun will have Park Hae Jin to love her.

3. You're a guy and you need to cry but feel silly letting it all go. If you were in a k-drama, you would not feel ashamed to cry. Kim Soo Hyun does it. So does Sung Joon in "I Need Romance." Park Yoochun cried buckets in "Missing You."

4. You're surrounded. In real life, this could easily mean your end, but in a k-drama, help is probably around the corner. In the latest episode of "Empress Ki," Seungnyang and the Emperor were sure to die but Bayan arrived at the last moment with a small army of men.

5. Your mom doesn't like your true love. Choi Jin Hyuk's mom in "Emergency Couple" really doesn't like his ex-wife Song Ji Hyo. In fact she had some part in breaking them up. But if you see the history of such disapproval in k-dramas, it's easy to be optimistic. The same actress who played his mom in "Emergency Couple" was Lee Min Ho's pretend mom in "The Heirs" and Hyun Bin's mom in "Secret Garden." She looks tough but she will eventually cave.

6. You lost touch with your childhood crush. In real life, you might have to rely on Facebook but in k-dramas you can count on fate. As fate plays a big role in k-dramas, lovers who are separated during childhood will inevitably meet again, whether it happens in the same life or in another incarnation. Kim Soo Hyun's alien met Jun Ji Hyun's reincarnation 400 years later in "You Who Came From The Stars." In "Gu Family Book," Lee Seung Gi also met Suzy's reincarnation again after a few hundred years.

Are there any times you wish you were in a k-drama? Let us know.

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