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Lim Joo Eun Goes From "The Heirs" To "Empress Ki"

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 06, 2014 12:09 PM EST


Actress Lim Joo Eun is about to go from one hit drama to another. In the very popular drama "The Heirs," she played Jeguk High School teacher Jeon Hyun Joo. In that drama her character earned the affection of both the characters played by Choi Jin Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul. But she did not get to wind up with either of them.

This month she joins the cast of another hit drama, the 50-episode "Empress Ki" and her presence will create problems for Ha Ji Won's character Seungnyang. Ha Ji Won has worked hard to gather evidence against the evil Empress Tanashiri and gain revenge against her family. But her revenge will not end the conflict within the palace. Tanashiri was not the only woman that stood between the historical Empress Ki and the throne.

According to Lim Joo Eun's agency King Kong Entertainment, she will play the role of Bayan Hudu in "Empress Ki."

Bayan Hudu is the niece of Baek Ahn, played by Kim Young Ho. Bayan is the governor who has so far helped Seungnyang get closer to her revenge but he also has his own interests. He promoted Seungnyang as a royal consort, hoping to use her influence over the emperor to overthrow his enemy El Temur.

But once the influence of El Temur and Empress Tanashiri begin to wane, Seungnyang will face new rivals  for power and some of them may be her former allies.

Baek Ahn will use his niece to gain influence over the throne and Bayan Hudu will become a rival for the emperor's affections. In the Yuan court it was not unusual for the emperor to have more than one empress. And there were imperial consorts and concubines. Since all of these women could have children with the emperor, the arrangement promoted rival heirs for the position of crown prince. And their mothers would do what they could to promote their children to positions of power.

Before her appearance in "The Heirs," the actress was best known for her role in the horror drama "Soul." She won an MBC Best Actress Award for that role. She also appeared in "Wild Romance" with Kang Dong Ho and "Arang and the Magistrate" with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah.

She seemed so meek and shy in "The Heirs," it's hard to imagine her standing up to Seungnyang, but her new role may surprise viewers.

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