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Korean Entertainment Management Association Frowns On Park Shi Hoo's Comeback

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 06, 2014 01:52 PM EST


While many fans were eager to welcome actor Park Shi Hoo back to dramaland a year after his career-tarnishing scandal, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has no kind words for his comeback.

According to KEMA, it is too soon and the actor has not had enough time to properly reflect on his mistake.

"He created social discomfort and although the case has concluded legally, it hasn't been morally negotiated by society yet," said a KEMA representative. "As a public figure he should have asked for an understanding about his comeback and should have shown signs of reflecting on his past mistakes."

Should the actor not be considered innocent since he was not proven guilty? And what exactly is he guilty of?

Last February a young actress charged the actor with sexual assault. He claimed their relations were consensual but she said she was too drunk to give her consent. There was some evidence that she went home with him willingly and also evidence that she discussed asking him for money. Charges were filed against him but were eventually dropped. The actor filed lawsuits against his accusers that also wound up being dropped. Park Shi Hoo's legal team denied that a financial settlement was made.

The three major Korean television networks did not ban the actor, waiting for the outcome of the court case.  But Park Shi Hoo's name was removed from the list of nominees for the Baeksang Awards even though he had not yet been found guilty.

Although the charges were dropped, KEMA wants the actor to reflect on the actions that landed him in this position. But since there are differing opinions on what happened on the night in question what were those actions exactly? Should he not have allowed himself to be put in a potentially compromising situation? Should he not date so casually? Last fall, his agency did apologize for the controversy in a fan cafe post.

The actor, who at the time of the scandal had recently finished the drama "Cheomdamdung Alice," did not work for the rest of last year. He spent some time in the states, before returning to Korea last fall. Then he shot the movie "Scent" in China. He considered taking a role in the drama "Golden Cross" but eventually opted out. He made that decision before KEMA released its statement.

"In the future if something like this should happen again, we suggest sincerely communicating with the public and earning the agreement to be able to be active again," added KEMA.

What do you think? How long will this scandal haunt him?

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