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Another Actor From “The Heirs” Joins “Gangnam Blues”

BY Julie Jones | Apr 11, 2014 11:41 AM EDT


When Lee Min Ho shows up on the set of his first film, "Gangnam Blues," he may find it reassuring to see a familiar face. Choi Jin Ho, who played Choi Young Do's not-so-loving father in the SBS hit drama "The Heirs" has also taken a role in the gangster noir film.

While the two did not interact too often on the popular k-drama, they may have more to do with each other in the film.

"Gangnam Blues," also called "Land Gate," is set in the 1970s. Today Gangnam is one of Seoul's most populated and fashionable districts. It's home to all the major entertainment companies and has become famous worldwide due to Psy's song "Gangnam Style."

But the neighborhood's transition to its current fashionable state was not without incident.

In the 1970s, as the area was rapidly being developed, plenty of people tried to cash in on the real estate deals. Gangsters clashed with politicians in an effort to make as much money as possible by manipulating the market. Gangsters brokered illegal deals and intimidated anyone who got in their way. And for the right price, politicians occasionally looked the other way.

In "Gangnam Blues," Lee Min Ho plays Kim Dong Jae, a man who tries to stand up to gangsters and corrupt politicians alike. Choi Jin Ho will play one of those politicians, a corrupt congressman named Park Seung Gu. To gain wealth and power, Park Seung Gu allies himself with the gangsters who have moved into the Gangnam real estate market. Baek Yong Gi, played by Kim Rae Won, is the leader of the gang he partners with.

Choi Jin Ho took the role because he was fascinated by the script.

"The screenplay pulls you in as you read it," said Choi Jin Ho. "I'm happy to be meeting the audience in such a good project."

Before the 45-year-old actor played Kim Woo Bin's mean dad in "The Heirs," he had roles in dozens of dramas and films. His recent dramas include "Incarnation of Money," "My Love, Madame Butterfly, " Phantom," "City Hunter" and "Athena Goddess of War."

His most recent films were "The Terror Live" and "The Thieves."

Also starring in the film are Kim Ji Su, playing Min Sung Hee and Seol Hyun, playing Kim Sun Hye, Kim Dong Jae's younger sister.

Filming begins this week.

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