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Lee Mi Sook Casted For ‘Love Rain’

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 07, 2012 01:19 PM EST


According to a producer, Lee Mi Sook will play Lee Hana (Yoona)'s mother as well as gardener Kim Yoon Hee, who is Yoona's 70s college student version, 32 years later.

Lee Mi Sook is planning to present a different side to Yoona's 70s version of Kim Yoon Hee through deeper, fond melodrama acting.

Lee Mi Sook, who has been known for playing strong characters in the past, will partake in a heart beating love with her first love, Jung Jin Young, who she meets again after 32 years.

Director Yoon Suk Ho expressed, "Lee Mi Sook is one of Korea's best female actresses who has exceptional concentration and the ability to act deeply into a character through her life experiences. I think she will show Yoon Hee's personality very well."

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