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Rumors Regarding Sulli's Return As An Actress Circulate The Web

BY Chin D | Sep 08, 2014 10:47 AM EDT

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Idol-actress Sulli is still on hiatus from the entertainment business, but with her film "The Pirates" receiving a positive response from both audience and critics, as well as the anticipation for her next feature "Fashion King," will she be making her way back into the industry?

Previously, it was announced that Sulli is still dedicated to her promotions in the movie "The Pirates," but due to her ill-timed hiatus from the industry, she was not able to join the cast in promoting the film.­ She was also unable to join the cast of "Fashion King" for a photo shoot.

On the other hand, with the positive response from critics with regards to her acting, many are speculating that she might make a comeback as an artist, and forego promotions as an idol-singer altogether.

However, the public isn't as warm as the reception to the news of her return, with some saying that, "Her image is too damaged for her to go back, and I don't think the movie did well," and "She got good reviews? Her acting was on par with some rookie actor."

According to a representative from the film, "We recently received that the premiere date is on October. Because we're still in the midst of discussing details, we haven't contacted Sulli yet; likewise, SM Entertainment hasn't reached us for a discussion."

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