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"My Lovely Girl" Stars Rain And Krystal Talk About Their 12 Year Age Gap

BY Chin D | Sep 15, 2014 12:08 PM EDT


Many were worried about how singer-actors Rain and f(x)'s Krystal Jung would portray a romantic relationship, especially when their ages are twelve years apart, but the two celebrities didn't think of this as a problem.

During the press conference for "My Lovely Girl," Rain addressed the issue, and said, "We work well together, and the age gap is barely noticeable."

He continued, "Krystal is junior to me as an artist, and I'm also a fan of her group. Because actors need to bond before the production, I gathered everyone for a meal, and because of that, we became closer."

"We have a twelve year age gap between us, and although it's my first time acting with someone that younger than me, it doesn't seem that way with her because she's very mature and smart.  I think our mental worlds are of the same level. We think the same and we interact well, but most of all, I'm glad that she listens to me and heeds my advice."

To this, Krystal shared her thoughts, "He takes good care of me as his junior. When there's something I need help with, he assists me thoroughly and gives me lots of advice, and when we're on break and we're all tired, he talks to me. I don't feel the age gap as well. We're really similar in the way we think."

"My Lovely Girl" is scheduled to premiere on September 17.

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