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Park Si Yeon's Bed Scene With Noh Min Woo Too Sexy For Broadcast

BY Chin D | Sep 23, 2014 09:31 AM EDT


Actress Park Si Yeon makes her return with a bang in the drama "The Greatest Marriage," starting with a bed scene that is deemed too unfit for broadcast.

Making a comeback after her controversial propofol drug case, actress Park Si Yeon stars in the TV Chosun drama "The Greatest Wedding" alongside actor Noh Min Woo and actress Uhm Hyun Kyung.

During the drama press conference on September 22, the actress revealed that one of their earlier scenes, a bed scene, was deemed too unfit for public broadcast, and was cut from the episode.

She began by saying, "We filmed a bed scene during the second day of shooting, and even though it was sexy and showed skin, it was too boring and awkward because Noh Min Woo and I had just met. We had to re-film the scene."

She added, "When we re-shot the scene for the second time, we already knew each other better, and because of this, even when we didn't show any skin, we were more comfortable and the scene ended up being more risqué than intended. After the scene, the director told us that they are going to cut the part."

Meanwhile, Noh Min Woo also shared his piece regarding his kissing scenes with actresses Park Si Yeon and Uhm Hyun Kyung, to which he said, "I think they have different types of lips."

He continued, "I kissed two different actresses within the same month. Park Si Yeon has soft and plump lips, while Uhm Hyun Kyung's lips are dainty, and because of this, I have learned that people's lips are very different from the other."

"The Greatest Marriage" contains four different stories about the struggles of couples, and are connected by the single mother Cha Gi Young, who will be portrayed by Park Si Yeon.

Catch the new drama on September 27.

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