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Kim Soo Hyun Became Cautious Because Of His Popularity

BY Chin D | Sep 29, 2014 12:25 PM EDT


Kim Soo Hyun may be one of the most famous actors of his generation, but he knows the responsibilities that come with being popular.

On September 24, Kim Soo Hyun flew to Beijing to attend a launch for the online portal Sogou, which he advertises alongside actor Lee Hyun Woo. Following the event, he answered some questions from the press through a short press conference.

Kim Soo Hyun was asked about his fondness of exercising, and he said, "Yes, I really do like working out."

He continued, "Since it has gotten cooler these days, I enjoy riding the bicycle. Through exercise, I am able to relieve myself of stress and tiredness. I hope everyone can try it out, too."

As one of the biggest Hallyu stars, he was asked about his future projects in China, and he answered, "I honestly don't have anything special planned, but I would like to greet the fans with some projects or promotions.

He added, "It would be nice to meet the fans through a fan meet, too."

On the popularity that he gained from the drama "Man From The Stars," he said, "This 2014 has been like a dream to me. However, because of it, I have started to become more cautious and careful of what I do and say."

He also said, "Whatever it is I'm doing now, I believe it will pave the way towards more activities for me in the future as an actor."

Aside from the popularity, Kim Soo Hyun also faced major public backlash due to his controversial Chinese water advertisement with Jun Ji Hyun, which involved a Korean mountain being named its Chinese name, causing anger among Korean citizens.

Meanwhile, it was reported that with Kim Soo Hyun's packed schedule, the earliest he will be able to come out with a new project will be on 2015.

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