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Krystal To Continue Drama Despite Jessica's Dispute With SM Entertainment

BY Chin D | Oct 02, 2014 07:10 AM EDT


As Girls' Generation's Jessica leaves the popular idol girl group, many were concerned about her sister, f(x)'s Krystal.

On September 30, news broke out regarding singer-entrepreneur Jessica Jung's departure from idol group Girls' Generation and her dispute with management agency SM Entertainment, surprising the Korean entertainment industry.

As her younger sister, f(x)'s Krystal, is actively promoting as an actress in the drama "My Lovely Girl," many were concerned about how this issue will affect the younger Jung, and if she will remain in the spotlight following her sister's controversial departure.

A representative of Krystal reported on the day that the news broke out, "Even before the news was reported, Krystal already knew of the problems between her sister and SM Entertainment, and she wasn't disturbed by it."

They added that Krystal filmed "My Lovely Girl" without any problems, saying, "Krystal finished filming for the drama with Rain in the Gyeonggi province, and no complications occurred."

On Krystal's situation as an artist under SM Entertainment, they clarified, "There were a lot of questions regarding this, but we don't think it would pose any problem, especially since Krystal is the type who draws a clear distinction between her professional and personal life."

They added, "Krystal has expressed the desire to remain as a singer and actress. She has also been promoting separately from her sister since the beginning, so there shouldn't be a problem regarding this."

In related news, the Jung sisters were also scheduled for another season of their OnStyle reality show "Jessica and Krystal," but after the controversy, the show's director announced, "We have yet to have a formal discussion with SM Entertainment, so we're careful about giving out information."

They were also preparing for a sub-unit mini album, but SM Entertainment has yet to release information regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, catch Krystal on "My Lovely Girl" every Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.

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