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Min Hyo Rin, Clearing The Rumors About Her Plastic Surgery, “Eyes Fake, Nose Real”

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 11, 2012 06:20 PM EDT


Actress Min Hyo Rin talked about the rumor behind the plastic surgery of her nose.

On the 11th, On SBS 'Midnight TV Entertainment, there was an interview for the leading role crew for the movie, "The Great Heist".

On the show, actor Cha Tae Hyun asked Min Hyo Rin a funny question, "Min Hyo Rin, your nose is a masterpiece. Where did you get it done?"

To this she answered, "My parents gave them to me. I even have x-ray picture of it. There are no supporting silicone or prosthesis."

Actor Oh Ji Ho said, "Her manager actually carries around that x-ray picture. She is natural in that way." And Min Hyo Rin said, "He is right. My manager does carry it around", which made every burst into laughter.

Also, she mentioned with emphasis, "I really didn't do my nose but I did on my eyes. Only my eyes are man made and my nose is natural."

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