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'Golden Time' Lee Sung Min - Lee Ki Young, Official Rival Line Revealed

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 17, 2012 07:46 AM EDT


Lee Sung Min and Lee Ki Young showed off a rival fight.

On the 3rd episode of 'Golden Time' that aired on July 16th, Choi In Hyuk(Lee Sung Min) and Hwang Se Hun's(Lee Ki Young) rival lines were concretely shown.

On this day the two attended an open conference in Haeundae Sejoong Hospital.

In the previous episode Choi In Hyuk saved the life of Hwang Se Hun's VIP patient.

During the conference Hwang Se Hung stated "Because you suddenly cut the abdomen open the patient cannot breathe well. The stomach is open so of course there is going to be infection. Your decision and your actions were too impromptu and rash."

Then Choi In Hyuk replied "I am saying this again. If I didn't perform that surgery on that patient then the patient would be dead by now. You too made a mistake. You performed a spine surgery on him and accidentally punctured on vessel."

"He needs to live today so he can see tomorrow." The two did not back down from one another, and went onto stare at each other.

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