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Rain's Nude Photo Scandal

BY Julie Jones | Nov 13, 2014 09:10 AM EST

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Singer and actor Rain is the latest celebrity to be involved in a nude photo scandal. In the last year several Hollywood celebrities have had nude photos leaked. The celebs that bared all unwillingly include actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Amber Heard, Jenny MCarthy and Gabrielle Union. But this is a first for a k-drama actor.

A photo currently circulating on the Internet shows a man who looks the star of the recent drama "My Lovable Girl" taking a shower. It was supposedly found on a phone belonging to his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee.

The singer-actor denies that he is the man in the photograph. And Rain's entertainment agency, Cube DC, says that the rumors are simply not true.

"Rain is not in the picture in question," said a Cube DC representative. "We're currently preparing to take legal action in terms of the photo and information that are currently being spread on the Internet."

The message accompanying the photo suggests that Kim Tae Hee took it.

"Rain's girlfriend Kim Tae Hee lost her phone and his naked photo has been leaked," said the message.

Rain's legal team said that the person who started circulating the photos is guilty of defamation of character. His legal representatives plan to file a defamation suit.

On Nov. 13 his lawyer Kim Nam Hong told Newsen, "We will file a complaint some time today or tomorrow. This is completely false."

Kim said that at first the photo seemed like a childish joke and something to laugh at but a surprising number of people actually believed that it was Rain. Since people are taking the photo seriously, it has become a problem.

"It′s a problem because people in Japan and China will also look at it, and many believe it′s from Kim Tae Hee′s cellphone," said Kim Nam Hong."

The face of the man in the photograph can't be seen so it's impossible to tell who it really is.

"If you don′t blur out the eyes in the picture, it′s clear that it′s not Rain, but we′ve come to the conclusion that the eyes were covered up on purpose," said Kim Nam Hong. "The person doesn′t have the skill to photoshop a picture, so the person cleverly hid the eyes. We were going to overlook the issue at first, but we decided to strongly confront this issue after believing that it was done out of malice."

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