Kim Ha Neul Says "I Was Bullied In the Past"

Kim Ha Neul
Healing Camp

Actress Kim Ha Neul stated that she was a victim of bullying, for the first time on air.

On the episode of SBS 'Healing Camp' that aired on the 3rd, there was a preview of Kim Ha Neul's episode that is to air on the 10th.

On this episode, Kim Ha Neul difficulty opened up about how she was bullied in the past. Kim Ha Neul confessed, "this is the first time I'm saying this on air, but I was kind of bullied. At that time, everything was scary. Ah...Kim Ha Neul dumb person, why do you seem like such a dumb person?"

She added, "do I need to say that it all left," and began to show tears, which made people feel bad and curious at the same time.

Kim Ha Neul, who is a romantic comedy queen, who is lovely and youthful, shared her deep pains on the program 'Healing Camp.' This made people anticipate more for the episode with Kim Ha Neul.

Kim Ha Neul honestly talks about the behind stories of the drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity' and also talks about her acting controversy. This episode is to air on the 10th at 11:15pm.

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