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‘Reply 1997’ The Aftermath Is More Scary, A Million Downloads ‘Shocking’

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 10, 2012 08:57 AM EDT

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"Who knew that there would be this many people that still want to watch the drama?"

The aftermath of tvN drama 'Reply 1997' wonderfully strong. Although 'Reply 1997' ended September 18th with 16 episodes, there are still people who are in love with the drama.

'Reply 1997' was extremely popular throughout its broadcast run because it brought back nostalgic feelings about the late 90's. Although 'Reply 1997' aired on a cable channel, its fiery popularity was enough to challenge the major broadcasting networks.

The ratings for the drama averaged around 4-5%. This is the highest among any cable dramas. If it had aired on a major broadcasting network, the drama would have had the equivalent ratings of 25-30%. There are still a lot of viewers that are unable to watch it live because it was on a cable network. This makes the ratings that the drama received that much more special. To sum it all up, this drama hit the jackpot.

There is a tremendous amount of people downloading the drama because they have not watched it yet and some that are downloading because they want to be able to watch it again and again. On October 9th, in an interview with Newsen, a tvN representative said, "The drama is available for download on Tving and it has a million download hits. This is the count for all 16 episodes."

This is only the number of downloads from Tving. This means that it does not count the people that watch the reruns or home VODs. It also does not count the number of downloads through different venues. If they actually added all of them together, the total count would be much higher.

'Reply 1997' was a hit for tvN internally and externally. Its external success has a more special meaning. The tvN representative said, "Actually, although we do have the 'Superstar K' series, the success of 'Reply 1997' carries a different meaning because it is not a variety show, but a drama." 

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