With a new Wesen on the loose, will Nick Burkhardt finally let Sergeant Drew Wu in on his secret? See some spoilers in these "Grimm" season 4 photos and teaser trailer for episode 8, "Chupacabra."

Last episode, the rare Wesen phenomena only served to heighten Wu's suspicion that the Aswang he saw back then was real. It also made him even more wary of Nick and Hank Griffin's connection to the many bizarre cases that have been happening in Portland.

Will Nick finally tell him the truth in the next episode or will he doubt his own sanity again? Another question is, if he does find out that everything he saw was real, will he decide to help Nick out or resent him for lying in the first place?

With Trubel leaving Portland to help Josh out, Nick could use another ally in his fight against evil Wesen, especially now that they could be facing a very dangerous new monster.

Browse through the gallery to see some spoiler "Grimm" season 4 photos for episode 8. Also, check out the trailer for "Chupacabra" below.