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Seo In Guk Further Proves His Acting Skills In K.Will's "Please Don't"

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 12, 2012 03:11 PM EDT


Seo In Guk cried and showed a completely different character than Yoon Yoon Jae in K.Will's new music video. 

K.Will's new music video, "Please Don't..." (Released yesterday) featured Seo In Guk, SISTAR's Da Som and Model Ahn Jae Hyun.

Seo In Guk showed off his phenomenal acting skills once again through this music video. The character he portrayed, although nameless, wasn't exactly like his character in the tvN sitcom 'Reply 1997' (Yoon Yoon Jae). 

When the video begins you see clips of In Guk and Da Som, Da Som being cute and friendly while In Guk is cold and brushes her off. As the video goes on Da Som runs to Ahn Jae Hyun as the two embrace eachother much to In Guk's dislike. As the video goes on the couple (Da Som and Jae Hyun) tell In Guk of their engagement and it starts showing clips of the couple's wedding. As it flashes back to In Guk in the car with Da Som he starts to cry and soon stops the car. He holds out his hand to Da Som's face and she disapeers. 

In Guk pulls out a picture from his jacket pocket of himself with the couple at their wedding and rips it in half... placing himself next to Jae Hyun.

Throughout the video many people thought his love interest was Da Som but over the course of the video it turned out that the feeling he had weren't for her but for his best friend.

Netizens said, "That was a crazy plot twist." "This whole time I thought he loved Da Som!" and "Seo In Guk's character here reminds me of Hoya's in 'Reply 1997'"

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