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Lee Min Jung And Lee Byung Hun Living In The U.S.

BY Julie Jones | Dec 12, 2014 11:33 AM EST


Are Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun planning on living in California? The couple recently made their second trip to Hollywood in a matter of months and they have no immediate plans to return.

It would seem like a logical temporary move as the couple can spend time together in Los Angeles without too much media attention. At the moment that might be impossible in Korea, thanks to reporters following his every move.

Lee Byung Hun left for Hollywood on Oct. 20, where he worked on a promotional project for the state of California and also met with Hollywood producers. The actor, who appeared in "G.I. Joe: Reconciliation" and "Red 2," will next appear in the Hollywood film "Terminator Genysis."

He apologized publicly before leaving, singling out the damage his recent blackmail scandal might have done to friends and family, especially his wife.

Lee Min Jung followed him to California in early November and the couple was spotted together in Los Angeles.

The actor returned to Korea on Nov. 21 to attend the trial of GGLAM's Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon, the two women who are alleged to have blackmailed him.

Lee Min Jung returned for a work commitment the next day.

But they did not remain in Korea for long. The couple both left for Los Angeles on Dec. 6 and there is no word on when they would return.

Her agency, MS Team, was vague when questioned on her plans.

"Lee Min Jung left for the states as soon as she was done with her work in Korea," said an MS Team representative. "We don't know if she left with him but she will be with him for the time being."

The couple married in 2013 in a lavish, celebrity wedding, but fans wondered about the effect of Lee Byung Hun's recent blackmail scandal on his marriage. For much of the time the scandal unfolded Lee Min Jung avoided her marital home and stayed with her parents. She later said it was because there were too many reporters waiting outside the house.

The blackmail scandal broke in August when Lee Byung Hun reported the blackmail attempt to the police. Lee Ji Yeon and Da Hee allegedly asked for $5 million or they would release a video clip of the actor engaged in a sexually explicit conversation. The women later said the blackmail attempt was done in retaliation for what they perceived to be ill treatment. They claimed Lee Byung Hun had an affair with Lee Ji Yeon and abruptly broke it off. The actor denied there was any relationship.

The trial continues and the two women could face fines and jail time.

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