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Gong Hyung Jin, “I Don’t Know What To Say About What Happened To My Sister-In-Law”

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 18, 2012 08:57 AM EDT


Gong Hyung Jin talked about how he was feeling on his radio show. 

Gong Hyung Jin expressed his feelings during the visible broadcast on his radio show, SBS PowerFM 'Gong Hyung Jin's CineTown', on the 18th. He appeared with a gaunt face and a dark expression, but he made an opening statement saying, "Thank you for all the worry and consolation. With the strength of your consolation, I will begin 'Gong Hyung Jin's CineTown'."

After the first song played, Gong Hyung Jin said, "I'm sorry to have unintentionally worried you. I hope this is the end of it. The rest is up to the people that are left. I don't know what to say in situations like this so I'm just going to act like I always do. I couldn't break my promise to you all so I mustered up the strength to be here."

On the 17th, Gong Hyung Jin's sister-in-law, who is also Cool member Kim Sung Su's ex-wife, was murdered by an assailant. 

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