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‘Vampire Prosecutor 2’ Yeon Jung Hoon Injured By Knife While Filming, Rushed To The Emergency Room

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 22, 2012 09:02 AM EDT


Actor Yeon Jung Hoon was rushed to the emergency room after getting injured by a knife while filming for 'Vampire Prosecutor 2'.

On the 21st, Yeon Jung Hoon was filming 'Stalker', episode 7 of of 'Vampire Prosecutor 2', when the accident occurred. He was rushed to the emergency to get a tetanus shot.

According to a source from the production crew, Yeon Jung Hoon was filming an action scene with a knife-wielding character when his hand sustained an injury from the knife. Yeon Jung Hoon wanted to show a great action scene, but got injured with his daring movements. However, after he received his tetanus shot, he immediately returned to continue shooting.

PD Lee Seung Hoon said, "There are a lot more fancy and powerful action scenes in the sequel, but Yeon Jung Hoon is filming most of the scenes himself. His affection for this drama and passion for action scenes are uncommon so he is working tremendously hard to film the best action scenes. After coming back from the hospital, he set the staff members at ease as he showed his fighting spirit."

'Vampire Prosecutor 2' is a drama about a prosecutor that became a vampire. He hides his true nature as he uses those vampire powers to put criminals away. The episode that he risked injury for will air on the 21st at 11 pm.

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