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Song Ji Hyo's Transformation 'Is It Really Mung Ji Hyo?' Wearing All Black With A Sharp Gaze

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 22, 2012 09:11 AM EDT


Actress Song Ji Hyo's exceptional transformation was revealed through the poster for the movie 'Code Name: Jackal.'

'Code Name: Jackal' revealed their poster on October 22nd. The contrary mood between Bong Min Jung(Song Ji Hyo) the female killer, and the top star Choi Hyun(Kim Jae Joong) made people curious. 

The killer Bong Min Jung was seen calmly taking water out of the refrigerator to drink, but on the other hand, the top star Choi Hyun is wrapped in tape. He seemed to be afraid, and it made people curious as to what will happen in the movie. 

Rather than her usual lovely image that is seen on SBS 'Good Sunday- RUnning Man,' she was seen wearing all black with a gun in her hand. Her smokey eye makeup made her look charismatic, and she raised anticipation for her role as a female killer. The top hallyu star, JYJ's member, Kim Jae Joong, was wrapped in tape and was seen cautiously looking at Song Ji Hyo and made people laugh. 

Meanwhile, 'Code Name: Jackal' is to be released on November 15th. 

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