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'Five Fingers' Softie Jin Se Yeon Is Changed

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 29, 2012 10:31 AM EDT


Softie Da Mi (Jin Se Yeon) has changed. 

Da Mi, whose trademark was her never-ending smile, finally found out the truth behind the death of her older brother and she began to show signs of anger and even vengeance.

On the Saturday episode of SBS "Five Fingers," Da Mi tells In Ha (Ji Chang Woo) that she knows who killed her older brother.

Earlier in the episode, she had found out that her older brother's death was not due to Ji Ho (Joo Ji Hoon) but actually In Ha through security camera footage. She was originally in love with Ji Ho but had to part because of the death of her brother. 

She began to show a different side of her, however, when she confronted In Ha, the true guilty party behind her brother's death. In order to make In Ha nervous, she even lied about the fact that she found some real evidence, and she seemed cold and calculating, which had never been seen before.

Jin Se Yeon's transition into the new Da Mi was met with a lot of positive reviews.

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