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Clara Says She Was 'Sentenced To Death' By The Media

BY Julie Jones | Jan 20, 2015 12:42 PM EST

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The allegations have been flying ever since Polaris Entertainment sued their client, Clara, for wanting to nullify her contract and she in turn sued them for sexual harassment. Each party has a different view of the events. On January 20 the "Emergency Couple" star posted her explanation of the events on her Facebook page. This is what her post said.

"Hello, this is Clara.

Yesterday, before the official trial, I was sentenced to death by the media, and then received another death sentence by the public."

She detailed the accusations with her explanation of them.

"1) It's true. As reported, I did send the swimsuit images and the underwear photo shoot to the CEO via kakaotalk.

You may think I was trying to tempt him by sending him those pictures, but I was doing my best to do my 'work.' I was just sending the images that will be in magazines and books to have them confirmed by the CEO.

The images and screenshots revealed by the media were from right before and after I signed the contract. Of course, our relationship was good back then."

But the working relationship did not stay friendly for very long.

"2) Shortly after, as the CEO did not keep his word, our dispute started. And in the midst of that dispute, he even started to question the relationship between my manager and myself.

After midnight, every five minutes he would send messages like, 'You're refreshing and you excite me' and 'drinking wine makes me think of you,' among others, which really surprised me."

Clara said that when she told him she would not tell him any private information about her life, he would not accept that.

"The most nonsensical thing was when I told him that I would not tell him anything about my life and he said that he needed to know everything about my life for my schedule, including even my menstrual cycle. I think this is unacceptable and unreasonable."

She told her father about his demands.

"3) I had to tell this to my father and upon hearing it, my father became very angry and sent them a document saying that he would call the police if they did not nullify the contract immediately. Upon receiving this document, CEO Lee reported us to the police, saying we were threatening him.

She said that she did go to apologize.

4) It's true that I went to CEO Lee to apologize, saying that it was my mistake. I acted so because the Polaris lawyer told me that 'the contract will be terminated if you apologize first.' I wanted to apologize and get it over with quietly.

However, CEO Lee did not keep his word and is, in fact, using this evidence against me after getting it on film using CCTV.

Before the meeting she says that he told her that they should not record each other so they each took out their cell phones. He however filmed it.

Clara said that given the CEO's connections she is unlikely to get a fair deal.

"The CEO always told me that he had the best political connections, media connections and the ability to control comments. There's no way I could win.

I'm not asking you to be on my side. I'm just asking for my basic right to have a fair trial in the Korean courtroom, as promised by law."

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