‘Heroes Reborn’ Updates: What To Expect In The NBC Series Reboot? New Cast Line-Up, Possible Guest Appearances & Story Changes!

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Although, NBC hyped up fans of its classic hit series "Heroes" with plans of a reboot, "Heroes Reborn" updates have been limited over the past months.

Updates on the storyline, cast list and all other details of the upcoming mini-series have been kept under very tight wraps by the network.

It was a blessing then when the show's creator, Tim Kring, shared some rare "Heroes Reborn" updates during the Televisions Critics Association press tour.

The 13-episode series won't be airing in the first half of 2015, Kring reportedly told Zap2It. Nevertheless, he hopes to have everything ready later this year.

"The train's moving down the road," the series creator said. "I can't announce anything. It's all locked -- it's Fort Knox."

Earlier on in 2014, NBC announced Jack Coleman's return as Noah Bennet a.k.a. Horn Rimmed Glasses (HRG) to the new mini-series. Unfortunately, Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere, Zachary Quinto and other actors of the first show won't be reprising their roles.

Excited viewers won't be left hanging, however. NBC recently announced a new cast member for the reboot. "Chuck" star Zachary Levi will be joining Jack Coleman in the new show.

"There are a few franchises I've always wanted to be a part of, and 'Heroes' is one of them," he told Entertainment Weekly earlier this month, adding how excited his new role.

NBC boss Bob Greenbalt also announced that fans can look forward to seeing "several of the old cast popping in to episodes."

According to other "Heroes Reborn" updates, the story will take place "in a post-season 4 universe."

"So it will tie into some of the ideas that were left dangling," Kring reportedly teased the show's fans, according to RadioTimes.

However, the storyline isn't quite finished yet since Kring still has a lot of plans for the new show.

"It's an ever-changing thing in my brain as to what it should be. And there's not a tremendous amount to say about it at this point," he added at the TCA press tour.

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