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"School 2013" Lee Jong Hyuk "Woo Bin, Let's Resolve Our Problems"

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 06, 2013 02:12 PM EST


Lee Jong Suk sent a message to Kim Woo Bin to resolve problems. 

Lee Jong Suk wrote on his Me2Day on Sunday, "if you get to know him, he's a sweet guy. Also, Hong Soo, let's resolve our problems."

In the picture, Lee Jong Suk was seen with actor Um Hyo Sup of KBS 2TV "School 2013." In the drama, Um Hyo Sup is the teacher of trouble making students, like Lee Jong Suk. Outside of the drama, they seem to have a good relationship. 

Lee Jong Suk, who acts as Go Nam Soon sent a message to Kim Woo Bin, who acts as Park Hong Soo. Go Nam Soon hurt Park Hong Soo's leg before a soccer game and made him fall away from his dreams. 

Time has passed, but Park Hong Soo still cannot seem to forgive Go Nam Soon, and Go Nam Soon is working out trying to resolve the problem. 

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