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Clara's Activities In Korea May Be Halted By The Korean Entertainment Management Association

BY Adrienne Stanley | Jan 28, 2015 01:01 PM EST


Clara may have temporarily lost the ability to continue promotional activities in Korea due to a sanction which has allegedly been issued by The Korean Entertainment Management Association.

The Korean Entertainment Management Association issued a statement in response to Clara’s alleged lawsuit against Polaris Entertainment and subsequent controversy. An abridged version of the official statement from the Korean Entertainment Management Association was published in English by allkpop.

The official statement opens with a paragraph addressing the ethical issues which have surrounded Clara’s alleged lawsuit. The statement goes on to address the strength of the claims that have allegedly been issued by Clara against Polaris Entertainment which include sexual harassment through the medium of text messages.

According to allkpop, The Korean Entertainment Management Association acknowledges that she is a potential victim but also emphasizes their neutral stance in the situation by stating, “While the results of the investigation have not been released yet, Clara, as an involved party of the dispute that has arisen from a problem involving her contract with the agency and is becoming a controversy, can been seen as an even more severe problem as the situation is receiving a lot of public criticism from society and the sensitive topic of sexual humiliation is especially becoming a public controversy; therefore, the aftermath could have an impact on even the public.

The strongest portion of the statement comes at the conclusion, where The Korean Entertainment Management Association addresses Clara’s behavior in recent months and her approach to the alleged lawsuit. The association cites these reasons as contributing factors for their decision to halt her ability to promote within Korea. According to allkpop the agency stated, “Clara should have garnered the understanding from the public for her activities as a celebrity, respected that, and as a public figure, should have sincerely taken responsibility and behaved with self-discipline, but she has not sufficiently led with that, so we believe we must check her from continuing her activities as an entertainer."

Meanwhile, Clara was spotted in Hong Kong. This recent development could mean that there will be an extensive period of time before Clara will be able to act in Korea or engage in promotional activities within the country.

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