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Noh Hyun Hee Revealed That a Junior Actress Belittled Her.

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 13, 2013 02:33 PM EST


Actress Noh Hyun Hee shared a painful story.

The actress was one of the guests in the last episode of SBS' “Strong Heart” that aired on February 12th.

On the show, the actress told a story about a junior actress who disrespected her for previous roles she had taken.

She started, “Many of my characters were not of a good reputation or respected by people. Some of those characters included a woman who worked at a bar, and an idiot. By playing those roles, I've received a few scars.”

She continued, “Since my characters were no intelligent, this actress came up to me and said, she would never play “dirty” characters. She said I was the representative of dirty roles.”

After she said that, many people on the set could not believe she went through such painful experience.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “Is that person active today?” to which Noh Hyun Hee answered, “I don’t see her on TV these days.”

MC Lee Dong Wook who is an actor said, “You should never say that as an actor.”

Besides the actress, Girls' Generation, Gong Hyung Jin, Jun Hyun Moon, and Choi Song Hyun were the last guests of “Strong Heart.”

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