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Drama “Five Fingers” Officially Apologizes to T-ara's Eunjung

By Staff Writer | Feb 13, 2013 03:35 PM EST


The production company from drama “Five Fingers” apologized months after the incident happened.

Yein E&M released a letter on their official website apologizing to Eunjung for taken her off the project without her or her agency's consent.

In the letter they said, “We reported that Eunjung has been dropped from the drama without informing her. We regret that the actress had to hear about this through the media.”

“We apologize for hurting the actress with the news about her dismissal and news about loss of production costs. She was taking acting lesson, was practicing the piano, and participated in the posters' photo shoot. We apologize for stopping all her activities and filming because she changed the color of her hair. This is the fault of the production for not taking care of the situation and for not considering the facts.”

They ended by saying, “We will work hard to restore Eunjung's reputation, and any loses this may have caused her. We hope that she will recover from this. We will try for this situation to never happen again. We apologize to the Association of Celebrity Management.”

At the time of the news of her dismissal, T-ara was involve in a bullying controversy involving member Hwayoung, that later led her to leave T-ara. Due to this scandal, T-ara lost many endorsement contracts and an important amount of fans.

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