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Movie “The Huntresses” Reveals First Teaser

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 04, 2013 09:59 AM EST


The trailer for upcoming movie “The Huntresses” was unveiled.

The movie's trailer starring Ha Ji Won, Kang Ye Won, and Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In was recently reveal, and it shows Ha Ji Won belly dancing.

The trailer starts with the three huntresses going over and getting ready for their next victim. Then they get in action, beating all of their men opponents, and it shows hilarious shots of the individual huntresses, and their personality. The trailer shows the action, and comedy the movie will be about.

The movie also known as "The Joseon Beautiful Three" is a period movie about three bounty hunters Jin Ok (Oh Ji Won), Hong Dan (Kang Ye Won) and Ga Bi (Son Ga In) that go around Joseon trying to bring down a group of nobles trying to overthrown the royal family and get the throne.

The smart, and beautiful Jin Ok, is the leader of the pack, Hong Dan is a married woman, who is second in command, and Ga Bi the youngest of them all, who is their best fighter.

The trailer's main attraction is Ha Ji Won, in a beautiful blue dress, showing her belly dancing skills in a three second shot.

The movie is set to premiere sometime in May.

Check out the hilarious trailer below.

Source: 병석 민

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