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Kim Hyun Joong's Ex Sues Netizens For Malicious Comments

BY Julie Jones | May 04, 2015 08:01 AM EDT


According to the Korean media outlet Star Today, Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend has decided to take legal action against negative comments made by over 100 netizens.

The ex-girlfriend, identified only as Choi, has asked the Cyber Investigations Department to investigate more netizens who have made insulting and malicious comments against her and her unborn child. Choi and Kim Hyun Joong are expecting a baby in September.

On May 4 her legal team announced that they were filing the charges because the comments exceeded " the level of common sense." Choi's legal team declined to make any further comments. The police have reportedly acknowledged that the suit was filed.

Kim Hyun Joong's agency, Key East Entertainment, has stated that they did not know anything about his ex-girlfriend's legal action.

Choi became the target of these comments because of her problematic relationship with singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong. Netizens learned about her relationship with Kim when she filed assault charges against him in August 2014. She said they dated for two years and reported four charges of assault. He said that they had one mutual physical fight but nothing more. She withdrew her charges after he apologized publicly and in private. Although she withdrew the charges, one of the assault charges originally filed did lead to a court date and Kim had to pay a $5,000 fine.

The couple apparently reunited after his apology and reportedly vacationed together on Jeju Island. In January she announced that she was expecting Kim Hyun Joong's child. Both the actor and his ex-girlfriend said they were surprised by the pregnancy.

In Feburary Choi announced that she would not marry Kim and planned to raise her child alone. His family has said that they want to participate in raising the baby whether or not the couple marries. Because the baby is due in September, Kim has delayed his plans for enlisting in his mandatory military service.

Fans of Kim Hyun Joong's have blamed his ex-girlfriend for the negative effect that this ongoing scandal has had on his career. He had just completed a drama comeback with a role in "Inspiring Generation" when the original assault scandal broke. Since then his singing and acting plans have been curtailed.

Choi's legal team has decided that the online comments can be considered defamation. According to Korean law, defamation of character and the spreading of false rumors can lead to fines and prison time.

What do you think about the netizens who made malicious comments against Kim Hyun Joong's ex?

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