Kim Hyun Joong's Father Said The Ex-Girlfriend's Family Did Not Believe She Was Pregnant

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong's father told reporters that he has serious doubts about the miscarriage claim made by his son's ex-girlfriend. When he appeared at a pre-trial proceedings for a lawsuit filed by the singer-actor's ex-girlfriend, he expressed his doubts that she was ever pregnant at the time she claimed she had a miscarriage.

According to a report in Enewsworld, Kim alleged that Choi's parents doubted it too.

"Her parents were the ones who showed resentment toward their daughter's claim of pregnancy," said Kim.

The ex-girlfriend, known only as Choi, claimed that she lost a pregnancy last year. She alleged that she lost the pregnancy as a result of being assaulted by Kim Hyun Joong during an argument.

She filed four charges of assault against him, three of which she eventually dropped after she made a financial settlement with him and received an apology. He did have a court date for the fourth and had to pay an additional fine. At the time a lost pregnancy was not mentioned.

After the charges were dropped, the couple made up and went on vacation together, then broke up again. In January she announced that she was pregnant. Kim Hyun Joong said he would take responsibility. She said she was not interested in marriage.

Instead she has chosen to sue him. She is currently suing him for $1,446,000 citing psychological damage.

Kim Hyun Joong, who recently began serving his two-year mandatory military enlistment, did not attend the proceedings. Neither did Choi. But Kim Hyun Joong's parents did.

At the meeting, Kim spoke with reporters about Choi's claim of a miscarriage last year.

"Even her family said her pregnancy is not true," said Kim Hyun Joong's father.

According to the legal team representing Kim Hyun Joong, the fact that no evidence of a pregnancy was submitted will be held against Choi.

 "The ex-girlfriend's side did not submit any particular evidence to prove last year's pregnancy. Her medical report stating four months of amenorrhea is not a proof of pregnancy."

Text messages exchanged between Choi and Kim Hyun Joong, in which they discuss a possible pregnancy, were submitted. But they do not prove a pregnancy, says his legal team.

"We are waiting for the OB/GYN to reply to check the facts."

Choi's legal team claims that they do have additional evidence that will prove she was pregnant but they have not yet revealed any details.

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