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Lee Si Young's Agency Will File Charges Against Those Spreading Sex Tape Rumors

BY Julie Jones | Jun 30, 2015 08:36 AM EDT


Actress Lee Si Young recently became the victim of some malicious rumors. The rumors spreading on social media suggest that there was a sex tape featuring the actress and that her agency, J. Wide Company, was using the tape to blackmail her.

The rumors also said that the police were currently investigating the blackmail case.

Her agency swiftly spoke out against those rumors. They denied the existence of such a tape and stated that not only were they not blackmailing anyone but that they are also the victims of rumormongering.

There is currently no ongoing police investigation into the agency. But those spreading the rumors on social media may soon find themselves the subject of a cyber-defamation investigation. The agency spoke to the Korean media outlet Star News, confirming that there is no such tape.

"We confirmed the contents of this rumor," said the J Wide Company representative. "And it is absolutely false."

Not only are the rumors false, but the agency also considers them to be malicious slander with the potential to harm Lee's career.

"We regard the unverified rumors as severely damaging her reputation as well as causing her pain," read a statement by the agency. "All the content is false."

The agency plans to take swift and aggressive action, filing criminal charges against anyone spreading these rumors.

 Lee Si Young has enough to think about this year between her acting and training.

Last seen playing a house painter in the drama "Valid Love," Lee now plays a detective in the OCN suspense thriller "My Beautiful Bride."

And she is also in training. Lee is not just an actress, having appeared in multiple films and dramas, but she is also an amateur boxer. Her most recent boxing prize was winning the 48kg division at the 2012 Seoul Boxing Prematch/42nd Amateur Boxing Federation Tournament. She's currently preparing to try for Korea's national boxing team that will compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

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