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Lee Soo Hyuk Would 'Marry' Lee Yu Bi

BY Julie Jones | Jul 13, 2015 12:42 PM EDT


Lee Soo Hyuk, who currently plays one of k-drama's more attractive evil vampires, said there was only way he could ever be convinced to appear on the virtual reality show "We Got Married."

That is if his "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" co-star Lee Yu Bi was his virtual spouse.

A few cast members from the historical vampire drama recently appeared on the MBC program "Section TV Entertainment Relay."

Since Kim So Eun was recently on the virtual marriage program with actor Song Jae Rim, the conversation naturally turned to the possibility of other cast members appearing on the program. Due to their affectionate and teasing relationship, Kim and Song were one of the most popular couples to ever get "married."

The subject of "We Got Married" must have come up before the program because Kim So Eun told the host of "Section TV Entertainment Relay" what she already knew. Lee Soo Hyuk had no intention of ever appearing on that program.

"Lee Soo Hyuk told me that he never wants to do 'We Got Married,'" said Kim So Eun.

That comment may not have been intended for public consumption as model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk then quickly backtracked. He did not want anyone to get the impression that he did not like the show.

"It's a great program," he said. "Every couple has their own color."

And he also changed his mind about the possibility of appearing. He looked at Lee Yu Bi, who plays Jo Yang Gun, a girl disguised as a male bookseller in "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" and he seemed to reconsider.

"If you put me on with Yu Bi, we could make a really weird couple," he said. "We'd just tease each other all day long."

So, viewers can assume that Lee Soo Hyuk teases Lee Yu Bi on the set of "The Scholar Who Walks The Night." Her character comes to aid of a good vampire, played by Lee Jun Ki, and Lee Soo Hyuk is his enemy, Gwi, a cruel and power-hungry vampire.

Does Lee Soo Hyuk threaten Lee Yu Bi with his sharp pointy fangs?

He has had some practice baring his fangs. "The Scholar Who Walks The Night" is not the first time that Lee Soo Hyuk has played a vampire. He also appeared in "Vampire Idol," baring pointy teeth with co-stars Kim Woo Bin and Hong Jung Hyun.

At a press conference for the drama he admitted that his former co-stars make fun of him for his new role.

 "They do make fun of me because I play a vampire now," he said. But their support gives me strength to work."

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