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Park Ki Woong Tweets His Best Bromance Award

BY Joan MacDonald | Apr 19, 2013 10:12 AM EDT


Park Ki Woong Tweets His Best Bromance Award

Park Ki Woong was so excited by his Best Bromance Award that he could not resist tweeting about it before the full list of the awards was released.

Park and Joo Won received DramaFever's Best Bromance Award for their onscreen chemistry in the drama "Bridal Mask." Their characters, Kimura Shunji and Lee Kang To, were close friends who were forced to become enemies. Yet when each character was at his most evil, he was redeemed by the loyalty to that friendship.

"I got an award," Park tweeted. "Five hundred thousand people from dramafever voted and I got Best Bromance of the Year with Joo Won."

He went on to thank viewers for selecting him as having great bromance chemistry.

Park even took a photo with the award and called it "the trophy that flew in from America."

What exactly is bromance?

The urban dictionary defines bromance as the close relationship between two "bros," a relationship that is so close that the male friends begin to seem like a couple. It's friendship, affection and respect between two straight men but the way kdramas play it sometimes these friendships can seem a little flirtatious. In a kdrama bromance, the men can start out as foes and turn into bros or the other way around. Or they can start out as bros and help each other through tough times.

Given the number of great bromances found in kdramas last year, the competition was fierce.

Contestants for this particular award included:

Sung Joon and Lee Min Ki for "Shut Up Flower Boy Band."

Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk for "Gentleman's Dignity"

Jung Woo Sung and Kim Beom for "Padam Padam"

Lee Jon Suk and Kim Woo Bin for "School 2013"

Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo for "To The Beautiful You"

Perhaps someone should organize a best kdrama bromance of all time award, because I can think of a few great ones that never got honored. "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" is one. Song Joong Ki and Yoo A In deserve an award for their portrayal of the friendship between Goo Yong Ha and  Moon Jae Shin.

Another good example of an evolving bromance between foes-turned-bros is the relationship between Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook, when they played rivals Kang Mu Gyul and Byun Jung In in "Mary Stayed Out All Night."

Fans  might also vote for Ji Sung as Cha Ji Heon and Kim Jae Joong as Moo Won, the rival, constantly scuffling cousins in "Protect The Boss."

And for next year's award, someone should write in Jo In Sung and Kim Beom in "That Winter The Wind Blows."

Other category winners such as best couple, best actor, best actress and best drama will be released soon. That is, unless someone leaks them first by tweeting about them.

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