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Go So Young Cancels Controversial Commercial Contract

BY Julie Jones | Sep 25, 2015 01:22 PM EDT


Actress Go So Young decided to cancel a modeling job after learning more about the Japanese financial company that she would have to represent.

The 42-year-old actress agreed to shoot a commercial for a Japanese financial company named J Trust Group. According to the Korea Times, that was before she learned that the company charged interest as high as 29.2 percent. There was a negative public reaction to her decision to work with the company, which some allege is reputed to promote debt.

In a statement on September 25, the actress apologized to fans for having ever agreed to represent the company. She said she was sorry for causing any controversy. Her statement was published in the Korean media outlet Yonhap News.

"I decided to model for them because I wanted to promote the brand's image, as a brand that is growing in many areas," said Go. "After hearing the news, however, I realized there were things I overlooked."

She felt that cancelling the contract was the responsible thing to do.

"As an actress, wife and mother, I'll try to return the love and support I've received by becoming a responsible and mature citizen of this society," said Go.

Besides allegations of promoting debt, some allege that the company works with loan sharks, an allegation that they have publicly denied.

J Trust also released a statement on the dissolution of the contract that was published in the Yonhap News. They denied any association with loan sharks.

"We have 26 subsidiaries all over Asia, but not one is doing the moneylending business we are accused of. It's regretful that the controversy surrounds matters that aren't true, but we've decided to respect Go's wish. The contract has been canceled without problems."

Go So Young debuted in the 1993 drama "Love Tomorrow" and her last drama was the 2007 drama "Blue Fish."

Go married successful k-drama actor Jang Dong Gun in 2010 and the couple has two children. Go has only worked in commercials for the last eight years. She is a highly sought after model, having been described as one of South Korea's "ideal women".

Earlier this year the Korea Herald reported that the actress was reviewing film scripts and considering a comeback. During her absence from acting, she also launched a clothing brand named Brand Go So Young and opened an official blog to go with it.

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