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Yewon Turns To Social Media For First Time Since Her 'We Got Married' Departure

BY Adrienne Stanley | Oct 03, 2015 03:41 PM EDT


Former Jewelry member, Yewon, reviewed a humble photo through her social media. On October 3, the idol-turned-actress posted a plain-faced picture on her Instagram account (@yeeee_kk). 

"It's been a while," said the K-pop star. "Are you doing alright? Today, have a nice day. I want to see you a lot!" 

The Korean outlet, My Daily, published an article examining the picture and her message to fans. The Instagram message was the first attempt at social media communication from Yewon since she posted an image with Super Junior-M's Henry, three months ago. 

Yewon was paired with Henry on the scripted relationship show, "We Got Married," but the pair departed when a behind-the-scenes video surfaced, containing footage of an alleged verbal altercation involving the starlet and actress Lee Tae Im.

In February 2015, Yewon and Lee became embroiled in controversy, following an alleged argument that took place during a taping of the reality show, "My Tutor Friend." Lee was initially criticized for cursing at Yewon, after the former idol allegedly used banmal or informal Korean-language with the older, more established actress. 

Yewon initially denied reports that she had shown disrespect towards Lee. Lee subsequently delivered an apology to her "My Tutor Friend" co-star and departed from the program. She then resigned from her leading role in the drama, "My Heart Twinkle Twinkle," and apologetically departed from promotional activities. 

Yewon went on to join "We Got Married" and sustained a 13-episode run, with on-screen husband, Henry. 

However, she was placed in a precarious situation when behind-the-scenes footage leaked on March 27, 2015, provided contradictory accounts of the incident involving Lee Tae Im. She did not initially apologize to Lee, but her agency, Star Empire, expressed their regrets to the actress, following the release of the footage. 

She remained on the show with Henry, but ratings reached an all-time low, as audiences repeatedly called for her departure. When the couple departed after 13 episodes, she was apologetic to her co-star and fans. 

Yewon has remained out of the spotlight since departing from "We Got Married." Meanwhile, Lee Tae Im continues to stay under the radar and has yet to announce another on-screen role. 

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