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Is Star Empire's Apology To Lee Tae Im Too Little, Too Late?

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 31, 2015 10:41 AM EDT


On March 31, Star Empire issued a press release which contained an official apology that was directed to Lee Tae Im and those associated with Yewon.

In their statement, Star Empire accepts responsibility for their handling of the controversial incident. As previously published by Enews, the press release stated, “We deeply apologize for making a judgment based on the mood and causing much harm to both Ye Won and Lee Tae Im. We will work harder to be more careful on sensitive issues.”

This statement followed the recent release of footage from the alleged swearing incident, which took place during the filming of the variety show “My Tutor Friend.” The video provided contradictory evidence to eyewitness statements previously reported by the Korean outlet, Dispatch.

On March 27, Mydaily published an exclusive report which outlined the details of the video. Netizens and audiences were shocked by the contrast between the original reports of the incident and the footage.

Dispatch has faced criticism for their previous coverage, which featured interviews with women who were present at the diving site in Jeju that was used as a filming location for “My Tutor Friend.”

Contrary to previous accounts, Yewon could be heard using informal language with Lee Tae Im and refers to the actress as, “You crazy b****.” Yewon experienced a brief absence from promotional activities following the incident, but Lee Tae Im was dismissed from “My Tutor Friend” and departed from the drama “My Heart Twinkle, Twinkle.” By contrast, Yewon is currently starring opposite Super Junior-M’s Henry in “We Got Married.”

The press release went on to note that because of this event, “Yewon promises to do her best to become more mature.”

Netizens have continued to express their discomfort with the situation, particularly after Star Empire issued an apology. As reported by Netizen Buzz, one of the top trending comments is, “Yewon should be releasing her own apology, why is she hiding behind her company?”

Should Yewon accept responsibility for Lee Tae Im’s tarnished image?

Was the apology issued by Star Empire enough to resolve the situation? Should Yewon be held accountable for her use of informal language? Comment below.

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