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Kim Go Eun
Aug 20, 2015 09:21 AM EDT
Kim Go Eun Is Happy To Be Working With Park Hae Jin
At only 24, the actress has already had some impressive co-stars.
Nam Joo Hyuk
Aug 12, 2015 03:11 PM EDT
Nam Joo Hyuk Considers His Next Drama Moves
Following his performance in “Who Are You? – School 2015,” Nam Joo Hyuk is considering his next drama role.
Nam Joo Hyuk
Aug 03, 2015 12:10 PM EDT
Nam Joo Hyuk Is Cast In 'Cheese In The Trap'
After a successful run in the drama “Who Are You - School 2015,” Nam Joo Hyuk has signed on for a role in the upcoming Naver webtoon-based drama “Cheese In The Trap.” Nam will play the role of Kwon Eun Taek, a friend and classmate of the leading female character Hong Seol.
Kim Go Eun
Jul 29, 2015 12:08 PM EDT
Kim Go Eun Says No Then Yes To 'Cheese In The Trap'
After initially turning down the role, Kim Go Eun agreed to play the role of Hong Seol in the webtoon-based drama.
Kim Go Eun
Jul 18, 2015 09:05 AM EDT
Kim Go Eun May Join 'Cheese In The Trap'
Rising film star Kim Go Eun may be cast in 'Cheese in the Trap.'
Suzy Bae
Jul 13, 2015 09:27 AM EDT
Suzy Bae Turns Down 'Cheese In The Trap' Role
Miss A’s Suzy Bae has turned down the offer to star in the webtoon-based drama “Cheese In The Trap.”
'Orange Marmalade' continues to receive mixed reactions along with 'Jekyll, Hyde and I.'
Jul 07, 2015 03:50 PM EDT
When Webtoon Adaptations Fail To Meet The Hype
K-Dramas continue to turn towards webtoons for inspiration, with mixed results and increased concerns over casting.
Park Hae Jin
Jun 29, 2015 10:09 AM EDT
Park Hae Jin's New Drama Has An Airdate
The actor confirmed his role in the webtoon-based drama in late May and that led to high expectations for the drama, but there have not been a lot of developments since then.
Cheese In The Trap
May 21, 2015 01:02 PM EDT
Park Hae Jin Confirms His Role In "Cheese In The Trap"
In the upcoming drama “Cheese In The Trap,” Park Hae Jin plays the kind, handsome, wealthy, smart and stylish Yoo Jung. But despite Yoo Jung’s perfect exterior—or maybe because of it—there’s something a little unnerving about him.
Kim Woo Bin
May 06, 2014 01:45 PM EDT
More Manga Roles For K-Drama Actors
Kim Woo Bin and Joo Won are the latest k-drama actors to take manga-inspired roles.

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