Song Joong Ki Shares His Experience of Portraying a Father in His Latest Sci-Fi Movie ‘Space Sweepers’

Song Joong Ki
Space Sweepers
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After topping in almost 16 countries on its first day, Netflix originals "Space Sweepers" is continuously proving its popularity in different parts of the world.

In a recent interview, "Descendants of the Sun," actor Song Joong Ki shared his thoughts about his portrayal as a father in the latest sci-fi film "Space Sweepers."

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Spoiler Alert!

Song Joong Ki played the character of Tae Ho, a former master of the UTS SWAT team, and later on, became a pilot of the spaceship "Victory." After experiencing many ups and downs in his life, he will do anything just to make a lot of money.

Joining him on board are the ex-space pirate Captain Jang (Kim Tae Ri), spaceship engineer Tiger Park (Jin Sun Kyu), and military robot Bubs (Yoo Hai Jin). They are the crew that will go through extraordinary adventures and does even the most dangerous thing just to earn money.

Who is Tae Ho as a Father?

The 35-year-old actor started to share his thoughts about his character Tae Ho. "The first time I met Tae Ho, it was hard for me to approach him. I have this thought 'how could I play the role of a father who has a daughter?' I also felt worried if the viewers would accept me when I played the role of a father."

It was a challenging role for Song Joong Ki because it was his first time portraying a different role as a father in one of his projects. He is cautious of what the public will say about his role.

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He went on, "I had no pressure in playing the role of Tae Ho. In fact I was excited to take on the character because I had never done such a role (father) before. I was at a loss while preparing for it, but thank you to my director, he gave me lots of things to consider while doing the role and I focused more on the script."

After sharing his role, Song Joong Ki also expressed his thoughts about the various reactions of the viewers towards their movie.

"I saw and read the articles, both the negative and positive things about the film. I am more attentive in listening to people who say bitter things rather than those sweet things, so I try to read more of the responses of the people."

Song Joong Ki continued sharing what made him accept the role, "80% of the reasons why I chose to work on this project is because of director Jo Sung Hee. I like his style. I picked this film because I really liked it to the point that now, I was satisfied with the outcome."

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