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A different side of Girls' Generation's Yuri appeared in the new teaser of the upcoming drama "Bossam Stealing Fate."

It came after MBN released a series of stills over the network's official Instagram, showing off Kwon Yu-ri's acting prowess.

In the first photo, the triple threat transformed into a skilled archer for her role as Princess Soo-Kyung, who was born under the Joseon dynasty.

Wearing a traditional "hanbok," the 31-year-old aims at her target while holding a bow and arrow.

In the next photo, she wore traditional white clothing as she exudes elegance and charm.

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"Bossam Stealing Fate" Cast and Release

Set to be released on May 1 every Saturday and Sunday, the forthcoming period drama will also feature an impeccable lineup of cast, including Jung Il-Woo, who will portray the role of Ba-Woo.


Capping off the supporting cast are Shin Hyun Soo (Lee Dae Yeob,) Yoon Joo Man (Dae Chul) Lee Jae Yong (Lee Yi Cheom,) Shin Dong Mi (Court Lady Jo and child star Ko Dong Ha as Cha Dol, alongside Kim Tae Woo and So Hee Jung, who will play the character of Prince Gwanghae and Soui Yoon - parents of Princess Soo Kyung.

The much-awaited historical drama series follows the story of Ba Woo, who lived in poverty all his life and has to hide his identity due to unfortunate circumstances.

Aside from this, he also engages himself in "bossam," also known as an orthodox remarriage tradition where a widow is being taken in exchange of money.

Unfortunately, in one of his tasks, he mistakenly kidnaps Princess Soo-Kyung, the daughter of Prince Gwanghae and the daughter-in-law of his nemesis, Lee Yi Cheom.

As for Princess Soo Kyung, prior to her kidnapping incident, she is set to marry the older brother of the man she loves for a secret political agreement by her parents.

However, on the day of her wedding, her husband died, and she immediately became a widow.

Yuri Details Her Role in "Bossam Stealing Fate"

In a recent report, SNSD's Yuri spoke about her experiences filming the drama for MBN's 10th-anniversary special.

The singer-actress revealed why she opted to audition for the role which is said to be her first historical series.

"I was captivated as she (the character) grew from and through unexpected events," she explained.

Being Princess Soo Kyung, Kwon Yuri described her character as the one "who paves her own way through a series of incidents" despite facing "adversity" and "point of inflection in her life."

As seen on "Bossam Stealing Fate" teaser, the Girls' Generation member's character breaks away from a typical royal who is prim and proper but instead, she engages herself in archery.

This is because Princess Soo Kyung was molded "to become more liberated" to be able to protect herself.

During the interview, the "C'est La Vie (That's LIFE!)" songstress thanked their director Kwon Seok Jang, for guiding her through his "delicate directions."

Moreover, the "Breakup Probation, A Week" star also shared that she's excited to work with the director that she's comfortable with.

"We've been having enjoyable and interesting conversations since the first meeting until now," she added.

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